We proudly present Hydron Hydrogen water Generator.Available now at Q Water Ltd

Hydron Hydrogen Vs Other Devices
1. Compact and very small size.
2. Two types: bottled water or tap water.
3. Two installation options:
– Counter top.
– Under the sink with a tap.
4. It is very powerful, so it can be fed with water from a reverse osmosis equipment
5. Continuous, instant and unlimited production: no waiting or water shortage.
6. Proprietary design: high concentrations of hydrogen within 600 and 1,200, in function of
the quality of water.
7. Free from ozone and other oxidants thanks to the PEM membrane system.
8. Portable HYDRON system with a bottle.
9. H 2 diffusion technology by overpressure and bubble miniaturisation.
10. Flow shut off in case of a water shortage.
11. Appealing design of the device and the supply tap.
12. Cushions extreme ph’s.
13. High quality plates and electrolysis membrane providing a long durability without corrosion
or scaling.

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