The Polaris is a compact and stylish mains-fed water cooler that sits on your countertop, providing: chilled, hot and
ambient water at the touch of the button, all from a single dispense point.
The Polaris is a stylish and durable solution to your home, with scratch resistant properties.
The convenience of this unit is unparalleled; with its tall dispense height, you can top up your glass, or fill that large
sports bottle for when you’re on the go.
Ideal for home offices, or if you’ve a busy household.

Special Features

• Hot, Cold and Room Temp from a single dispense point
• Polymer cabinet will not rush or scratch counter-top
• POU counter-top can be connected to filtration or RO system
• Two options for dispensing: choose from 3 pre-select cup sizes or any dispenser size
• Less than 43cm tall and fits well under kitchen cabinets
• Unparalleled dispense height of 27.5cm makes it easy to fill large sports bottles

• Certified to NSF/ANSI 372 for low lead content
• Energy Star certified
• CE Approved

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