These salt chlorination systems for swimming pools are composed of a control cabinet, an electrolysis cell made of titanium with coating and a pH controller. Automatic operation: In parallel to the filtration system.
Bold programmer: Multi-line LCD-Display with control keyboard.
It allows configuring the disinfection mode, as well as the lights.
Self-cleaning cell: Polarity is automatically changed in order to reduce scaling on the cell.
Connection: 50 mm, glued.
Covered Mode: The system reduces production when the swimming pool is covered.
Flow sensor: Should there be no flow, the system will detect a gas accumulation and stop the operation.
Language selection.
Manual chlorine regulation.
Automatic chlorine regulation.
pH control.
Automatic lack of salt indication.
Automatic excess of salt indicaction.
Water temperature indication (optional).

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage: 240 Vac 50-60 Hz.
Cell: Made of titanium with a self-cleaning coating.
Cell assembly: Vertical / Horizontal.
Service life of the cell: 10.000 h.
Salinity range: 3 – 36 kg/m3.
Min. flow: 5 m3/h. Max. flow: 20 m3/h.
Max. pressure: 2 bar.
Temperature: 4 – 40 ºC.
Polarity inversion: Automatic adjustable.
PH control: Included.
Dosing pump: Not included.