These high-performance salt chlorination systems for swimming pools are composed of a control cabinet and an electrolysis cell with titanium coating.
Bold programmer: Multi-line LCD-Display with control keyboard.
It allows configuring the disinfection mode.
In addition, it allows to control the lights of the swim-ming pool.
Includes a display of the salt percentage in the swimming pool.
Self-cleaning cell: Polarity is automatically changed in order to reduce scaling on the cell.
Built-in pH controllers to optimise the effect of the chlorine produced.
Connection: 50 mm, glued.
ORP Control (Redox Potential). In order to adjust the chlorine levels in the swimming pool and prevent an overdosing.
Covered Mode: The system reduces production when the swimming pool is covered.
Flow sensor: Should there be no flow, the system will detect a gas accumulation and stop the operation.
Language selection.
Automatic lack of salt indication.
Automatic excess of salt indication.
Water temperature indication (optional).

Technical Specifications
Supply voltage: 240 Vac 50-60 Hz.
Cell: Made of titanium with a self-cleaning coating.
Cell assembly: Vertical / Horizontal.
Service life of the cell: 10.000 h.
Salinity range: 3 – 36 kg/m3.
Min. flow: 5 m3/h.
Max. flow: 20 m3/h.
Max. pressure: 2 bar.
Temperature: 4 – 40 ºC.
Polarity inversion: Automatic adjustable.
PH control: Included.
ORP control: Included.
Dosing pump: Not included.