This system is composed by a Greentank GRP vessel with top and bottom distributors and a control valve.
WS460F/WS655F valve. Made of heavy-duty Noryl and controlled by a horizontal piston.
Intuitive and user friendly programming.
Multilingual display: English, French, Spanish and German.
Multiple regenerations configurations are available.
Systems are supplied completely preprogrammed from factory, but it allows modifying all the internal parameters.
Filtering load, composed by different sizes of sand and iron removal media.


Min. pressure: 2.5 kg/cm2.
Max. pressure: 8.5 kg/cm2.
Min. temperature: 4 ºC.
Max. temperature: 35 ºC.
Optimal pH: 6.8.
Power supply: 220 V – 12 VAC/50 Hz, other voltages available under request.