Cationic container. Anionic container. 2 control valves. 2 automatic reagent valves. 2 reagent non-return valves. 2 reagent gauge valves. 2 reagent tanks. 1 Cut-off electrovalve for regeneration. Resins. Purge electrovalve. Control panel with microprocessor and conductivimeter. Sample taker. Rotameter. 20“ turbidity filter. Painted iron and PVC front panel.


Min. pressure: 2.5 kg/cm2.
Max. pressure: 7 kg/cm2.
Min. temperature: 4 ºC.
Max. temperature: 30 ºC.
Polyethylene reactive tank.
PVC tubes.
220 V electricity supply.
Microprocessor control.
Hydraulic or pneumatic operation.
Connection diameter 1” and 1 1/2”.