Model ‘LimeMaster GOLD’ is an environmentally friendly non-polluting magnetic scale inhibitor that protects appliances with an incoming mains water supply from the harmful and inefficient effects of lime-scale formation. It is designed to treat water used in pressurised water systems for ‘point-of-use’ applications, such as water heaters (combi-boilers), large heavy load clothe washing machines, larger dish-washers, etc.. The ‘LimeMaster Gold’ does not alter the water’s mineral composition in any way, so the water still complies with the health standards and those laid down by the UK and EU Water Utilities, as well as the W.H.O., for drinking water.

The ‘LimeMaster Gold’ works by passing a flow of fresh water through a high quality pressure tested polyethylene plastic body in which two powerful ceramic magnets are mounted. The ‘LimeMaster Gold’ works by placing a small electrical charge on the water particles, which alters the behaviour of hard water soluble salts which are already in solution. The salts then remain in solution far longer when the water is heated, thus avoiding early scale formation. Any crystals that do form are in an aragonite form (needle crystals) and these do not adhere to metal surfaces, tending to be washed through a system. Magnetic treatment of water should only be used for water that is to be processed immediately or within a short space of time. The electrical charge will eventually be lost and with it the protection it offers. Magnetic units are not suitable for ‘stored’ water systems.

Specification :-
Manufacturer : Salamander (Engineering) Ltd., U.K.
Product Code : LimeMaster GOLD
Pipe Sizes : 15mm and 22mm Copper pipe
Design Flow : 15mm : 25 l/min (1.5 M3 /hr) requiring Δp = 0.3 bar
22mm : 37 l/min (2.2 M3 /hr)
Δp = ½ bar : 15mm : 30 l/min ( 1.8 M3 /hr)
22mm : 45 l/min (2.7 M3 /hr)
Nominal Pressure : 30 bar
Mains Pipe Connection : Integral 15mm or 22mm copper compression couplings
Length : 140 mm
Diameter : 42mm
Weight : 0.39 kg
Test Regulations : (UK) WRAS Certification for all components
Materials Used : Body – Polyethylene
Pipe connection – lead-free brass
Construction : The assembly is manufactured in polyethylene in which two ceramic magnets are mounted. The brass connections are inserted and fixed in place by a secure locking arrangement. The unit is then pressure tested to 600 p.s.i. (40 bar) during production. The unit must be fitted with an earthing strap when mounted in a metal pipe system.