5 stages RO System
50GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane.
6 l. Pressure tank .
Assembly accesories and faucet included
Minimum pressure required 2,5 bar.

Type of treatment:
Drinking water treatment by reverse osmosis. It improves the water quality, eliminates flavors
and reduces the concentration of different dissolved components in the water. It Provides a low
mineral and high quality water.

Connections :
Water connection for installation: 3/8” – 3/8”-1/4” Weight: 16Kg
Input connection: ¼” Maximum production: 175 LPD*
Drain: ¼”
Faucet: ¼”

Reverse Osmosis system 1
Sediment cartridge 1
GAC carbon cartridge 1
Block carbon cartridge 1
Housings 3
Housing wrench 1
14 l. Pressure tank + tank valve 1
Faucet + accesories kit 1
Inlet 3/8” 1
Valve for inlet ¼” 1
PP tube ¼” for installation 1
40mm drain clamp 1
Instructions sheet 1
50GPD Reverse Osmosis membrane 1
Mini Store faucet 1/4 stem 1
Faucet adapter 1/4” 1

Treatment steps: Life span

5microns sediments filter 12 months
GAC carbon filter 12 months
Block carbon filter 12 months
Post active carbon filter 12 a 24 months
50GPD Reverse Osmosis membrane 3 years*
Every 3 years with less than 15ºHF o f hardness.
Depending on the inlet water quality, membrane must
be replaced if any specific component exceeds from
limit per parametre according with national regulations in force.

Tecnichal specifications:
Weight: 16Kg
Maximum production: 175 LPD*

*50gpd capsulated membrane. Production: 175LPD. Soft water with
250 ppm. Tº=25ºC, 15% conversion. Pressure over membrane 3,4 bar
without backpressure
Input TDS (Max) 2.000 ppm
Input Pressure (máx -mín): 6-3 bar
Temperature (máx-mín): 40ºC-2ºC
Maximum accumulation (depending on inlet pressure): 14 liters

Dimensions (see diagram) :

A: 400 mm
B: 380 mm
C: 135 mm
a: 333 mm
b: 245 mm