Ultraviolet radiation.
UV wavelength range: 100… 400 nm.
Visible wavelength range: 400… 750 mm.
Natural origin.
SUN: Source of all types of light, visible and non visible (infrared and ultraviolet).
Artifcial origin.
Lamps from different kinds of technologies generate UV-C light.


Germicidal effect from type C ultraviolet radiation (UV-C).
Destruction of germs and harmful microorganisms.
Maximum germicidal effect range of UV-C: 100 … 280 nm

Water to be treated flows through the radiation chamber lenghtwise.
The exposure time of the microorganisms depends on the speed of the flow.
The irradiated power depends on the lamp specifcations and water turbidity
(UV-C light transmission characteristics inside water)

The lamp loses UV-C emission power (up to 30%) after 5000-10000 working
hours. The germicidal effcacy cannot be guaranteed when its service life
has expired (even if it is not blown up