The new water softener series WATERMARK Multi-Tank combines the versatility of an innovative programmer (capable of controlling up to six valves) with the strength of a control head of 1 1/2”, which is fully made of Noryl.



There are different types of configurations available, which can be adapted to big flow needs as well as big water volumes.


The regeneration process has been optimised for the Watermark Series systems, thus allowing to save both water and alt compared to traditional systems.

General Features

These systems are composed of PRFV Greentank bottles with internal distributors, and a salt tank made of polyethylene with enough capacity for several regenerations, which is also equipped with a safety valve.

High-capacity, food-grade GreenResin resin. Silex distributing base with different grain sizes in order to optimise the distribution of water flows.

Watermark Series 655 Valve made of heavy-duty Noryl:

  • Waterproof Valve: Water resistant.
  • 1 1/2” connection, up to 650 litres of resin.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Horizontal piston.

Watermark Series Plus programmer with a multicolour, interactive display:

  • The menu is composed of indicative icons.
  • Multilingual display: English, French, Spanish and German.
  • All systems are factory pre-programmed. All operation parameters can be modified.
  • Holiday mode: It allows to select a period of time in which the system will carry out small washes without consuming salt, in order to keep the system in good condition.

Standard Programmer (Simplex systems):

  • Different types of operation can be chosen: chronometric, metered delayed, immediate or override.

MTS Programmer (Multiplex systems):

  • Different types of operation can be chosen: parallel, alternative, depending on the flow demand.
  • Intelligent controller: user-friendly programming (hardness, date and time of day).
  • Useful information: it gives information both of the individual units and the complete.
  • Power actuated ball valve supplied with all the MTS systems (not in the Simplex units).

Non-regenerations periods: in order to ensure available flow during peak flow demand (e.g.: hotels, apartments…) two daily periods can be selected. During these periods softeners will not initiate regeneration. Particular periods can be programmed for all the days of the week.