• 12-volt wall mount transformer
• Full coloured LCD display with advanced features.
• A microprocessor control monitors, measures and
remembers your actual daily conditioned water
• Holiday mode: During holidays system
cleanings without salt consumption.
• Attractive, efficient and compact design, including sliding salt
cover and display protective cover.
• The system regenerates automatically when necessary, based
on your actual conditioned water needs. Sys
water needs according to people living in the house.
• Simple programming insures that the system operates at
maximum efficiency
• Self-adjusting reserve capacity keeps the reserve to the proper
• A NOVRAM (non-volatile) memory chip stor
use data during power failures
• Solid state electronics and a simple turbine metering system
provide for a long, dependable operating life
• Efficient new valve design provides a better flow rate and
uses less water to regenerate the sys
• Piston valve, reliable and safe.
• Isolation bypass ensures quick installation.
• Built-in mixing valve allows treated water hardness
• Safety brine valve to avoid flooding issues.